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    About Us

    Kumari Japanese Language School is a well-known and unique educational consultancy and a language school in Kathmandu, registered under the Act of Nepal Government. It provides Japanese language classes and conducts student exchange programs between Nepal and Japan. It is a leading Japanese language school to cater to the needs of students who wish to pursue their higher education in Japan.…

    Our Mission

    • Make Students easy access for higher education in Japanese University.
    • To provide the students required language education and other guidance for making their right future.
    • To make student aware of the general rules and regulation and other things essential to know for their further study.

    Our Services

    Kumari Japanese Language School provides the Japanese language classes using audio/visual technology. Furthermore this institution provides consultancy services for higher education in Japan.  Some major services are as follows:

    • Japanese Language classes
    • Assisting in  application process
    • Translation: Nepali to Japanese, English to Japanese
    • Cultural exchange program
    • Japanese Language classes by qualified teachers 
    • Face to face introducation by representative of…

    Our Vision

    • To serve the educational sector of the nation by making continuous investment towards helping the students get quality and diverse educational opportunities.
    • To assist the students for completing their aim of abroad study.
    • To move towards goal of becoming no.1 school for our students.
    • Regularly update ourselves with the changes.
    • To understand the social corporate responsibility and actively recognize…


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